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A for Atiku, B for Buhari

                                                        A FOR ATIKU, B FOR BUHARI, C for Change.

Let assume we are presented with the above structured multiple choice question of A and B, which would you choose?  Okay, the shit has already gotten real and it is safe to stop assuming, for these old men  are our only real time options. Apologies to Sowore, Mogalu and all the rest of the gentlemen who are making relentless effort,  fooling us into thinking we have multiple options to choose from.

The truth is, come April 2019, Nigeria’s president will either be Atiku or Buhari. The imagination of this alone passes a shudder through me, it should to you too.  To think that the strongest of all we are  equipped with to efface from our tortured   minds  the grim and grey experiences gathered  from 2015 is Atiku Abubakar of recent troubling memory. We have other options, but they are merely deceptive alternative choice of votes if honesty is to be considered. As charismatic and intelligent as some of them sound, none aside the above two have the financial,structural and criminal wherewithal  to win a single state with the current realities of Nigeria’s political turf. Needless to say that a vote outside the known is a wasted vote, that will be a damming and preposterous  suggestion.  But This is Nigeria, where everything is under alarm, no cause for control. So preposterous is commonplace.

Can we now get back to the topic, which is the unfortunate choice we are saddled to make, apologies to whom this might offend. (Buhari  supporters, the apology isn’t for you) . Fiction and propaganda aside, let us separate facts from imaginations. Alas,  that is the biggest problem with this Atiku|Buhari conundrum, it is difficult to separate truth from falsehood. Propaganda is replied with propaganda, lies are addressed with lies.Banters replied with  more emphatic banters. Of course it is a shouting contest, of which whoever shout the loudest wins. In this war, truth is the foremost casualty. Nevertheless, there are striking similarities and profound differences between the two. Before we proceed, let me offer a caveat , I don’t like Atiku, I don’t like Buhari either. But then, you must have figured it out by now or maybe not.

The first thing you notice about Atiku is that he is Arewa. Either from his name , his state or his weird accent which I am sure is a  direct consequence of a deliberate effort to conceal the original one or it is simply a hybrid of the heavy one and the effort to sound just like an average  Nigerian and not a Northern Nigerian  (No shame in that). Atiku is above 70 years, just like Buhari. So it seems, another septuagenarian Fulani Muslim.

When young Nigerians celebrate the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the flag-bearer of People’s Democratic Party , there is this scary feeling that creeps in. The mocking bird feeling reciting ‘whole new different day, same old shit’. The one pointing firmly to Buhari but looking at Atiku. The one reminding us the poverty of wisdom in trying to change and old cloth with a similarly old and torn cloth.  Again, if honesty is still a thing these days, it is genuinely easy  to see their difference as easy it is to see their similarities. Both of the are Muslims, One is a near extremist. (we all know which).

Beyond the SSCE which the certificate is still missing, Buhari’s only formal education was a military training. Atiku actually schooled in Ahmadu Bello University.

If we are to consider work experience, Buhari served as a Nigerian soldier of which the peak of his career was the dishonourable  criminal activity of coup plotting. Atiku served as a ustoms officer and retired after 29 years into his private business.

Since after leaving office as a military leader, Buhari has done nothing of note aside appearing every four years since democracy, contest for presidency, fail and go back to his cows in Daura. Alas, he eventually won (albeit with the help of some cabal) and we have seen the grave limitations of his capacity.

The simple question is.

Why do you want to vote Atiku?

Why do you want to vote Buhari?


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