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A slightly provoking story : Grim’s harvest

Grim’s Harvest


Part 1


A little boy hops across the road to meet his mom.

At this moment, they are happier than a clam in high water, but in less than 30 minutes, everything changes.

A young man wearing a nice combination of an Ankara hoodie on denim shorts casually strolls past them thinking they are a lovely pair.

He is going to meet up with some friends at a local pub for some palm wine with ugba and nkwobi or any other local appetizers they have to offer. He really does not have a choice when it comes to what to eat. This is because he can barely cook up a decent meal by himself, so he sees himself as a classic case of a beggar having no choice.

Lost in thought, he is thinking he would have an awesome evening

He is thinking to himself, “This is exactly what I need to de-stress”.

As he walks, he’s attention is caught by a lady in a gorgeous white dress.

He wonders if he could talk to her but he knows he is not dressed up for this particular occasion.

On the other hand, she is wondering why the creep in the hoodie would not stop staring.

Impulsively, she puts her iPhone into her shoulder bag, and pulls the shoulder bag a little closer to her chest.

She is waiting for a cab, the one she called like a lifetime ago.

Her date stood her up, so she is pretty pissed.

As the hoodie guy passes, she realizes he is quite good-looking but she still thinks he looks creepy with the hood of his sweat shirt on and his hands hidden away in the pocket of his shorts

But what she does not know is that “the creep”, is a university lecturer who is just out to have a good time, free from all the iffiness of classes, the rush of the week and everything else including students coming to him to seek favors.

You might be wondering how I know all these and why I know all these, but the turn of events would interest you more than why I know these things.

In about 12 minutes to be exact, two armed man will run out of the supermarket across the road.

The two guys thought this would be an easy robbery and a quick cash, like stealing candy from a baby. But what they do not know is that the store owner has a gun, and he is not afraid to use it.

So anyways, as they leave the store, the store owner is going to fire a shot and miss his target.

This shot would in turn hit the black SUV that will be passing in the next 11 minutes. The SUV is going to run off course to hit the little boy who is now pulling his mum to the ice cream truck sitting beside the road.

The SUV driver is supposed to be home for dinner by 7:30 but its 6:33, he lives 3 blocks away, but in the next 10 minutes, he is going to be unconscious.

The guy in the hoodie will try to play a hero to impress the lady in the gorgeous gown, but in turn, he will receive a bullet to the chest, while the lady in the gorgeous gown would be knocked down by a speeding bus. This is because she will panic on hearing the shots fired and try to cross the road too quickly. The bus driver is not going to stop in case you were wondering. He too will panic knowing that this is Nigeria and the situation is one of where a robbery went wrong, he would not want the mob to take out there anger on him for killing a pretty lady. So, he is going to park his car somewhere far from the crime scene, and run like he has never ran before.

Now I know these things, but I can’t stop them.

You would probably wonder why the two thieves would get away unharmed in all this chaos but I cannot help you.

All I know is that two days from now, they will die from a drug overdose and they know nothing about it. Their friends and relatives would conclude that they died from spiritual and juju attacks without bothering to go for an autopsy. You know the funny thing about this part of the world is that everyone is qualified to turn his or her assumptions no matter how shallow they are into theories. No facts are needed here. The more people you convince with aggression or any other means, the more your story begins to hold water.

Anyways, I do not think this two guys dying from drug overdose is justice, but I am only here to pick up the bodies.

They did not die tonight because it was not there time yet.

But the hoodie guy, the little bubbly boy and his mom, the SUV driver and the lady in the gorgeous gown, there time is tonight.

They did not know this, no one knows this but me

But I cannot do anything to stop it.

It is a typical night for me.

I did not ask for this job, but someone has to do it.

In a different location, a woman is dying from Labor pain as I explain this to you.

I will have to pick her up once I’m done here.

The list continues.

Many of my victims are not ever prepared but that is the way it is.

Now I just have to let all my predictions play out.

It is the only fun I get.

Its going to be a long night, but the angel of death does not sleep,

Neither do I get a vacation.

Now I know I have told you I cannot do anything about people’s timelines, but that is not necessarily true.

There are rules though. Ones that are strict enough not to ever be broken, but no one said anything about it being bent.

Believe it or not, death does not wish himself on anyone.

Sometimes I just see it as an easy escape for some, while other times, I see it as a necessary end but I still would not wish it.

In the latter case, I become a gift, a way to end the pain.

But I am not a big fan of those that call upon me by themselves. I answer, but that does not mean I have to like it.

This case I am about to recount is a little different from the normal timeline deaths.

Here rules are stretched to breaking points and in most cases, they are eventually broken.

Right now a teenage girl is being brutally defiled by a group of one enraged guy and 6 wannabes.

I could explain the reason for their anger but I think it is a flimsy excuse for their actions so I could not care less about it.

For one reason, only one of them has a right to a little anger, the other six are just here ecstatic over the thought of forced sex and inflicting pain on a defenseless teenage girl.

I get to see this and I am furious.

Now here is the twist.

This time, it is my choice to let her stay or take her with me.

Now the little girl is a fighter and without a doubt I know she would survive this encounter.

But one of the perks of being death is that ……………………………… to be continued next week


Alexandria C.U.I




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