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Bad Condition: Uche Ogbuagu’s U-Turn

“Bad Condition”

“Never believe the words of a hungry man” a wise man once said, and on this premise I will begin and keep it concise.

What can I say? 2020 started off with a big bang like the heavy metal. Lots and lots of popcorn worthy movements; guilt-edged drama and thrill.Right from the faux prophesy from a recently disputed prophet, to the dethronement of a state governor and the flight of his fickle feathered disciples. Can’t say I expected any of these to happen but none of it came as a surprise to me either.

2020 has been cold, and even colder when you step away from Nigeria and  her politics. But January has seen Mbaka’s rehearsed prophesy come to to life as his benighted followers watched in rapture. Many saw the situation and analyzed it differently. To many it was just a miscarriage of justice,  to some it was Hope, but a few of us really pinned it down to what it actually is,  a coup d’etat. The greatest ever plotted and executed while we all watched. So now with Emeka Ihedioha dissension and Hope Uzodinma’s ascension, lawmakers  found great feat in defecting to the opposing party. Even our dear uche Ogbuagu going back to his vomit – but


I understand.

The best critics in Nigeria are the worst performers in politics. Yes, I said it. “Ima na ndi anyi zijere na kitchen lee, si je butere anyi nri, imazikwa na ha ruru na kitchen na-eri zi kwa nri anyi. Ha si anyi zije ha ozo na nke agaraga enweyi mputa”. – Uche Ogbuagu.


Hon. Uche Ogbuagu,  a lawmaker  representing Ikeduru constituency in Imo State House Of Assembly a few days ago defected from People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  to All progressive Congress (APC). I mean, it’s trifle to say political  activism in Nigeria is a sham,  a “notice me” concept to get far up the ladder, but for Uche… You couldn’t even reck on your own rede. This is a man who  invested almost a decade of his career criticizing the APC government and politicians who have left their political parties. A man who drew our consciousness and through very consistent and aggressive use of his media tool bullied us into believing   his accusations to his former paymaster. He sang of the grave abuse of power,brazen wickedness, theft, manipulations which according to him were aided by some occult powers.   Not saying I’m surprised, I understand. For when the battle line is drawn and side are taken  you’ll realize  was real and who was faking (my inner rapper is alive).

I do understand people switching to colors but I don’t get why Uche Ogbuagu was waterboarding the reason behind his decision.

It was not for the good of his constituency neither was it because of the way he was treated by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Those are just guises concealing his deepest ambition of becoming a Deputy Speaker.  Can’t say I blame him, I understand.

However, maybe our expectations played us , maybe we keyed into his audio activism that we expected too much of a man who allows his personal ambition gain so much ascendancy over him . If the condition for for his reward was to join APC, he is at liberty to move without having to seek empathy for betraying his own self by playing with our intelligence. I reckon by 2023,  if as usual, political expediency demands he recklessly moves to another party to better his chances of winning re-election, he would have a plethora of grievances lined up for the benefit of your sympathy to justify his own cowardice .


When politicians , they play for themselves , it’s never about you .


Written by Ekechi Gerard

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