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Buhari to Resign: To be or not to be


Forgive the ridiculousness of this caption, President Buhari doesn’t want or need to resign , he will never resign. Among the list of earth’s infinite impossibilities, the chances of a Nigerian President’s resignation is remarkably thinner than Nigeria discovering the cure of Corona Virus, you can hardly boast of something inconceivably close to so impossible a thing.

And yet, this caption drew social media attention recently as a consequence of  a more emphatic attention engineered by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe in our usually  colourless National Assembly. Political rivalry or opposition in Nigeria is generally a shouting contest, the louder the nuisance of your propaganda, the closer you are to winning the despicable contest. However, if we graciously volunteer our attention to some call outs, we can learn enough to suggest we shouldn’t treat all loudness as mere cacophony . It seemed like an extreme case of eye service and epic showmanship for a thoroughly experienced Senator who ought to know better to call for the president’s resignation, he was just uttering strongly worded implausibilities for the sake of the camera you might opine. But if you for one moment think normal as against the abnormal psychological conditioning dealt to our senses by the Nigerian situation, you will understand that Senator Abaribe can only afford few liberties. The chief of which is speak, speak and speak. When you understand this, you will then begin to appreciate his bravery knowing that even though speaking up is one of his rights, shutting up is visibly on the list too. Between speaking and shutting up, the one he chose harbors great potentials of sending him where many men have gone before him.

Well, this story isn’t about the commendable bravery of a Nigerian senator neither is it about re-corroborating a life long fact that it is Nigeria’s version of political expediency to perish in a political office rather than give way for progress. This is about the attention I suggested we give to what the senator was crying about and for a moment forget that it was a tad more an opposition induced bravery. Senator Abaribe audaciously called for the President to resign due to relentless killings and abductions, do you think it was a fair call? Okay, I understand that things don’t work that way in Nigeria. So Let’s assume this is a parallel universe with a different Nigeria where  their politicians actually choose nobility and make way for progress, do you think Buhari deserves to resign even by our own standards? I would have offered my own opinion but you don’t have to believe this idiot writing, believe your own self, I just need to aid you with some facts.

It is a common opinion that many people who voted Buhari did so under the premise that he is better equipped and more determined to battle insurgency, the two most important ingredients for such tasks.

Reality check: Premium Times reported that over 25,794 people were killed in various attacks between May 2015 and May 2019. In fact, 1077 were killed in January 2019, yet the president and his co travelers insist that Boko Haram has been technically defeated. While we are still unable to unravel the meaning of a technical defeat, Boko Haram strut around North East with arrogance, killing, maiming, burning and raping with almost no real pressure. In fact the biggest involvement of FG with Boko Haram was handing over 151 “repentant” Boko Haram members to Borno Government. It’s safe to say the fight against insurgency was akin to meekly waving a white flag at the face of terrorist’s whirlwind, we are simply at their mercy. However, the military usually find a way of absolving themselves using lack of firepower. It is a curious thing how $1bn released from excess crude account to fund the fight against Boko Haram was spent. But I keep to my words, I won’t offer my opinion , I will let you decide yours.

Let us look at the pivot of Buhari’s campaign which is corruption fight. I wouldn’t want to mask facts of bleeding obvious in a beautiful rhetoric, I’ll just be be plain. PMB said he didn’t understand fuel subsidy and categorically called it a scam! I genuinely believe him when you consider the combination of the the amount and characters involved. However , the fraudulent means mattered little to the N85/litre end. Now Buhari’s government has admitted to spending over N1.4 trillion annually on fuel subsidy yet fuel price has doubled from N85 to N145. I agree with PMB, fuel subsidy is a heavy scam!

A former secretary to the federation who allegedly diverted N270 million meant for Boko haram displaced people to accounts linked to him was charged 2 years after being indicted by the senate after press pressure. And with the senate safely in his pocket now, we shouldn’t expect any further indictment and expose. There has been no investigations of Abdullahi Ganduje caught on Camera stuffing packets of dollars into his corrupt agbada allegedly a kickback from a lucrative government contract. No word, no investigation, Mr integrity happy to appear in public with him and in fact rewarded with heavy second term support( he came in person to endorse him in a rally). In fact, Buhari said of Ganduje “he is a responsible man”.

So is Mr integrity tainted by his failure to tackle corruption? Should we see this as an incompetence in tackling corruption or is his integrity the biggest fraud of 21st century? You decide.    

If I am allowed to offer a thought, I would say without a tongue in the cheek that  no one really expected Buhari to drive the economy or make modern day liberal policies that will aid the private sector in doing so. We will  also know the points in our checkered history in which we begin to take austere measures.

No one really expected Buhari to allow the press to function without fear neither was anyone banking on him to be more democratic than his usual self.

Few people actually consider him a nationalist and 21stcentury leader , feudal anachronism is a closer description.

However he had two supposed strengths, integrity and a ruthless strong will to use it. These two things will definitely damage corruption which Nigerians believe is our biggest drawback. A corrupt free system will reflect in other sectors, especially security. It is a consensus opinion that the fight against Boko Haram was thoroughly limited by corruption, hence few offered any sympathy for Mr Dasuki even after being held against the law. With the continued operation of Boko Haram, relentless operation of herdsmen, reinforcement of corruption in all quarters serving as protesting realities to the myths we believed. The faith, the trust, the integrity, the willpower, all are travesties of remarkable proportion.

But I am not allowed to have an opinion, you decide.

Written by Ebubechukwu Ibecheozor

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