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Coming to terms with common sense – Foxwitz Chamberlain

The whole world is going at such madding speed that it seems as though everything is running the risk of disintegration. There’s so much advancement, so much that everything is beginning to look moronic.

From upgrades to every gadget in the world right now to plans for 5G network. Speed!

There’s so much speed. We’re all speeding like there’s some imaginary man somewhere waiting impatiently to hand us a Medal of Honor for being the first to do what EXACTLY?

Tell me one thing that you’re under the pressure to do that hasn’t been done before? Just one thing. Tell me?
Being the richest person on this ape planet? Jeff B has already beat you to it!
Being the Most Beautiful Girl in the world? Agbani has defeated you hands down!
Having A Harem of women at your beck and call? King Solomon is a far fetched example. Remember Ned? Does his name ring a bell? Yes, the same skin head Ned!
The largest house? Trump!
The fastest car? Jeff again!
So tell me again one thing that’s new?!

There seems to be the oddest pressure we dimwittedly subscribe to without realizing that we’re all dying to pass the dumb tests of our equally dumb friends in a dumb society filled to the brim with dumb examples of dumb standards of living! And where does it all end? In the dumbness of six feet!

There’s really no blueprint for the best life. And really, the only new thing in this world is YOU!
We’re all clamoring for beautiful things. We jump around the whole place making frantic efforts to cheat our ignorance of truth. We’re looking for vacation locations. We’re looking for good hotels to chill in. We leave our “beautiful” homes in search of more beautiful places to visit. And all the while, we neglect the most intimate part of the whole world, our hearts!

Your heart is the most important portion of this world. Whatever you have there, that’d determine how the rest of the world feels to you!

The world is as beautiful as our minds are! The world is as peaceful as our hearts are. So, if you run away in search of these ideals and your mind and hearts are messy, you’d be chasing shadows. And again, you owe no one any show of superficial beauty. You owe the world only the goodness of your heart, your sense and sensibility! That’s all! Everything else is just tilting at the windmills!

And between all that, if you’re eating just enough basic food, drinking enough clean water and breathing enough fresh air, you’re blessed! Believe me sincerely!

Just pause. Count from one to ten with your eyes closed. And you’d feel fine!

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