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FBI wanted list of “Yahoo Boys” : Facts from Fiction

So you must have seen the FBI list distracting me from the proper entertainment I was receiving from The tales of The New Nigerian yam and old German beating.
Now that I am thinking of it, this would surely be a befitting title for anyone with the time and willingness to stretch the humor.
But that is not the story, our people say “anaghi eri ji na Germany, gi rie ji na Germany, I ga agba nwa nwe nwe oso nwa okuko” .Translation: you don’t eat yam in Germany, if you do , you will run the race of a chicken😂 An old Igbo proverb, but that’s not the story.

Not long after the news of FBI’s capture of Obinwanne Invictus Obi broke out, a list of Nigerians wanted by FBI for fraud surfaced online.
Tales upon tales followed it, including the age long profiling of a tribe and clinging to a dry straw Defence.
Now let us look as some sensitive narratives causing some stir

1. They are not Igbos , they are Nigerians.

Let us be serious. If you are Igbo and you feel offended when someone says most of the alleged yahoo boys on the list are Igbo, please don’t or if you must, don’t direct your angst at the observer.
In fact, the proper way to put it is, “all of them are Igbos, save for………..”
So if you feel embarrassed, channel your ineffective frustration to the right people and not those who feel embarrassed too but just that the list managed to excuse their tribe. It might seem a divisive rhetoric when other tribes begin to see them as Igbos first before Nigerians.
However, it is the same way we celebrate the avalanche of Igbos who make Nigeria proud as Igbos first. It’s a package brothers, it’s called life, sometimes you are the bird while sometimes you are the bloody statue receiving all the shit!

2. Igbos are the “Kings” of internet Fraud in Nigeria.
The above statement cannot even pass for a beer Palour assumption for it can easily be proven to be outright bullshit.
I think my Igbo brothers have carved out a hideous niche for themselves in that business, yet, for now they are still second best to my Yoruba brothers. If we are being honest, through some poverty induced psychological conditioning,internet fraud gradually moved from a taboo category to a category where criticizing a man of God seems a graver offense. So it is not a difficult affair to get the particulars of a flourishing industry in Nigeria, almost everyone can relate.

If you are above 40, stay out of this argument unless you have research figures to show or you are a yahoo man yourself. It is not a secret that “updates” come from the west, Lagos in particular but other states are way ahead in this inglorious business of the internet.
Aside Yoruba Land, you would count Edo/Benin and Warri before you can any core Igbo State can get any mention. Imo and Enugu to be precise.

Your inner mind : The list is over 95 percent Igbo names so what in God’s name am I blabbing about?
Well, you see that list, it is not a full list of Nigerian internet fraudsters on FBI list or will be. That list is most definitely from one cartel.
If a cartel led by an Adekunle Adeyemi is bursted , the names that will emanate form any investigation will probably look like Bayo, Jide, Ade etc.
If a Cartel man with name Abdul is busted for a crime, most names who will pop up as confederates will look like Musa, Yusuf, Bello etc.
So when a certain Ebuka is busted and he sings, his song will look like Emeka, Chinedu , Udoka etc. You get the drift?
That is why the list of Nigerians on death row in a certain Asian country is filled with humans of a certain tribe in Nigeria.
You reading this , if you happen to commit a felony of your own, your allies are most likely going to be 98 percent your tribesmen.


Did he? It is a given that FBI are in the habit of cutting offenders a deal to reduce sentence. Give names and do little time . Which of course seemed no coincidence that the list popped up now.
But that list didn’t come from Invictus Obi. FBI have quietly been on his case since 2016 and just finally had enough evidence to nail him. So if he mentioned names, FBI would in their usual manner trail the guys, get dirt and nab as many as possible before leaking. Catch more, cut some more deals , let them sing more names.

Who are those on that list ?
This very list you are seeing now seems a distraction from an underground investigation of Invictus’s cartel.
This list, if facts are anything to consider is a consequence of previous investigations of another group. They did their job, nabbed those in US, published the list to place those outside US on arrest by local authorities.

Do you want to hear something funny?

90 percent of those on that list are from one state. Scratch that, same city , Owerri! So if you are still thinking it’s from Invictus , you don’t know whaizgoingon.
When they are done with Invictus, this table will be broken beyond repair. Your brothers, kids,boyfriends, fiancés , husbands are on it sadly.

This list is an Owerri Cartel.
A. It’s not Invictus.
B. Invictus is coming, winter is coming.
C. It’s not an Igbo thing, this is a cartel stuff . You tribe’s Cartel is safe for now, so you are free to gloat while we hide our face in shame. Winter is coming 😃

4. Invictus should have kept a low profile
Nonsense! Invictus was not investigated because he was on Forbes, a lot of fraudulent people without proof are there.

An FBI investigation started in 2016 led to him, whether he was as quiet and humble like a dove and it leads to him, they will still pick him.
His wealth and show off didn’t lead FBI to the case, the case led FBI to his wealth.

This shit has gotten very long and unattractive I am not done. We shall talk about deeper stuffs when I return.
This barely scratched the surface, I will be back, we die here.

I am E.I

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