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In Defense Of Paternity Test By Foxwitz Chamberlain

Life gets more complicated after Boy meets Girl. And most of the time, the stories that come out eventually are beyond scary. I mean, just look at all the things we have to listen to and witness that occur because people took vows to love and respect each other till death do them part and didn’t mean what they said! But that’s a whole bunch of poppycock when you consider the shambolic details of love and marriage and all the things in between!

I know there are beautiful relationships. Beautiful in the sense that even the humans in those relationships would rather be honest and sincere about what they feel for each than spread their schemes across the borders of greed, lust and plain wickedness! But really, the things we call love in this time and age are mad manifestations of psychosis! People are really mad. They’re not any longer madly in love. But just mad!

Now. There are always details to everything that the society would never be privy to no matter how vested the interest in knowing is. Speculative arguments and judgements would go around the world before we even realize a quarter of the truth. But going by whatever we’ve been able to gather as far as the recent scandal that involved the FCMB boss Adam Nuhu, Tunde Thomas and the lady in between, Moyo Thomas, it’s hard to just understand why a man would continually have sex with a married woman to the extent of two pregnancies carried to full term and why a married woman would perfect the game of gross disregard for marital status and still remorselessly impose the kids not biologically her husband’s on an innocent husband who must have invested a lot of emotional currencies in the kids, plus money and time. And her callousness didn’t end there. She still went ahead to abruptly cut off a man from his “kids” and wants everybody to applaud her or what exactly was she expecting everyone to feel?

I’m trying to picture how she carried out this great pretense all the while she was with her husband. I’m sure she was looking at Tunde while he was playing with “his” kids and seeing how she had perfectly fooled a man. She must have thought the man to be a complete moron. An idiot who was happy being a sweet dad to kids fraudulently linked to him by an adulterous wife!

As a man, I can’t imagine this happening to me. And no man would take the possibility of this happening to him lightly. And may it not even have a chance. And what’s to be done? Since only a woman knows who the father of her child is….how can anyone bring trust and love under the same line of scrutiny when we all know that a woman is capable of any mischief?!

Let’s not even mince words here…..women are grandly manipulative! That’s their power. I can only imagine how many men are fathers to children that are not theirs. But it’s sensitive when we talk about how a woman can perfectly bring pregnancy she got from another man to any man of her choice…but men are insensitive to the feelings of their women if they want to be sure that the pregnancies you’re telling them are theirs are really theirs. Women!

Women! My goodness! How do you people manage to make rules as you go? How do you people manage to play victim roles when you’re the ones victimizing the men who truly love you?! I’d defend men in this case. Why? Because as far as this paternity thingy is concerned, women are the goddesses of Deciet. Check it out. Read up on the statistics of fraternally dubious kids. Women are the people who perfect the game.

Yes, there are always details in these things that we’d never know. And some women would throw out the counter argument of helping an infertile man to “father” a child, yada yada yada! But the truth is, in most cases, it’s a selfish move. If you marry someone and both of you can’t have kids….and after all Is said and done one person is reproductively deficient, there should be a mutual understanding and decision to the effect of having kids through whatever means. But if you go out without a clear consent given by the other spouse, you’re selfish and dissembling! And no one can tell me anything else!

As a married person, you don’t just go out of your way to take such decisions without the consent of your spouse. That’s in the context of reproductive deficiency in one partner. But what I can’t understand is how women who have very healthy husbands still get pregnant for someone else other than their husbands! It just fucking beats my imagination. And it’s on par with men who get other women pregnant when their wives are perfectly alright! It’s mad! Really mad!

Now love is something that has been thrown about a lot. And marriage is just one of those things people contract to do because they’re old enough or financially stable enough. But from all indications, most people don’t care about love and don’t give a flying squirrel of fuck about marriage! Man! How do people marry people they don’t care about? How can you marry someone you don’t respect? Because it’s only in the absence of these things that you’d be justified to be mean and heartless in your relationship with someone you took vows to love and cherish!

I recoil when I see lovers sometimes. I wonder how dark their hearts are! I see spouses and I wonder what deep secrets they keep in their empty hearts! I see people “in love” and instinctively start imagining what their private chats and conversations entail. You can choose to see this from a more optimistic perspective. But you know, the more innocent you want to be and think all is well in paradise, the more you’re fooled in love!

I love love. But I’m very intelligent for a reason! I mean, goddamnit, I can’t know what I know and you tell me that love conquers all! Fuck you and all your bullshit about trust. I’d always know when something is off. And I’d calculate everything. If Bibi tells me she’s pregnant, I’d know when it happened and what happened before that happened! And I can’t help but be that way! I love love but I’m VERY INTELLIGENT FOR A REASON! And you should give men that singular right to want to be sure! Since ONLY A WOMAN KNOWS WHO THE FATHER OF HER CHILD IS, that’s fine. Then, DNA TEST SHOULD BE A MAN’S Guiding principle. And we should all be unapologetic about it!

By Foxwitz Chamberlain

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