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No longer at ease

We’re No Longer at Ease 

I have more questions than answers right  now. But I’ve got to start somewhere, right? 

Ever heard of the “6th wave of extinction”? No?  You can look it up. I don’t know. This might be the endgame. 

COVID- 19 is affecting everything and I fear the worst.

Cities and businesses shutdown, people losing money, sporting activities suspended, and the whole world lives in terror. I guess we missed the trumpet. 

Will COVID- 19 plunge the global economy in to recession? 

I think so!  Muahahahahahahahaha (laughs in evil).

On a more serious writing,  if the virus continues with this determination and mutates to something more dangerous; it won’t just affect the economy but also the normal human life. If this be the case then we don’t need to worry about recession but hyperinflation. A situation where money has no value or worth.  Then we will be heading to something much worse than the Dark Ages. 

“But economists can print more money and regulate the currency inflation” some might say. Okay,  my answer will be “yes”. Economists  can regulate inflation and also predict inflation but only under normal circumstances, not under chaos where human beings are being threatened to death by a deadly virus or a deadly war. Hyperinflation always happens in extreme cases and if COVID-19 mutates in to something dangerous,  we will have uncontrollable hyperinflation and banks or even the best economists won’t be able to stop it. See, hyperinflation is just like a Zombie Apocalypse. I dare you to think. Just imagine for a moment the value money will hold in a Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, Imagine what will happen when money becomes useless. 

Well,  it doesn’t take a lot of effort to notice how badly the Coronavirus is affecting the global financial markets. All it takes is to go on CNBBS or Bloomberg to see the world’s global stock index red.  That is because traders and inventors all over the world are significantly warned about the global economic implications from the virus going around. 

China is one of the leaders of the world economy. Given what has been happening lately, you can tell that their economy will suffer greatly. America and Italy too. Especially with a lot of people avoiding their usual daily tasks and deciding to stay in – that means businesses will definitely struggle and add there will be fewer workers and less employees working for those businesses; many businesses being closed. You know how it goes… Productivity, in essence, has been largely reduced.  Hence the reason why oil prices have fallen (because of lower demands from countries). 

But if I’m allowed to think,  what does this mean for Nigeria whose economy is heavily dependent on crude?  What will happen when nobody comes calling…  Anybody? 

Chances are that the global economy will struggle quite significantly as the largest economic superpowers struggle. It’s a whole chain. This is reflected in the markets. Stock market are falling, gold prices on the rise while oil prices are falling. I really take no stock in economics. But I guess it can be said in confidence that 2020 will be a crappy year.  Things could even get worse from here. 

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