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Oh My Dear Teenager by Ugochukwu Gregory Onwumere

Oh My Dear Teenager!


Advise is the best gift one can offer you at this stage of your life my dear teenager, this era is the most sensitive period of your life, its a period you need the best advisers around you. As a teenager, you are not just preparing for adulthood, you are also preparing for the war of survival ahead, you might be lucky to have parents endowed with affluence and riches and that makes the war more tougher because you will live to sustain the wealth.

My dear teenager, your age and status now reflects fully the image of your parents, your attitude now depicts the kind of upbringing you were given, would you rather dent your family name? Teenage life is filled with uncertainties and unnecessary pressure, you will be faced with pressure from peer group, pressure from friends, pressure from material things and so on, but your ability to control and defend your family name in every situation defines the kind of adult you will be.

As a male teenager, you will be faced with the challenges of either joining the bad gang or maintaining the good repute, its within this period that your future can be defined, your ability to subdue and subjugate some certain youthful exuberances determines also how bright your future will be! Your age now Oh my teenager stands as a junction where habits are formed, the habit you condone now will live with you forever, though I might not be an old man, but I’m inspired to advise you this day.

I was once like you Oh my teenager, I had pressure from all influences but I never deviated from my ethics, I was raised as a Catholic and I was trained to follow Christ’s dictates, do not be depressed when you sin my dear Teenager but try so hard to abstain from sin next time. Smoking will ruin your future, drinking will make you forgetful, you can only be lucky if God wants to preserve your organs, drinking and smoking has never put food on anyone’s table. Spend more time as a teenager asking questions about life, make sure you are always in the midst of wise elders, keep away from ungodly unions and see how bright your adulthood will be.

Your age is a very sensitive one, make sure you don’t let material things take the better of you. Fill your head with positivity and never jealous your mates, you might be from a poor background but your existence can change the narrative, try as much as you can to remain alive and healthy. Read your books and make good grades you will see how happy you will be in years to come, this age of yours might look uninteresting but I bet you its not funny being an adult, the foundation of a better adulthood is laid when you are a teenager, the way you make your bed so you will lay on it. Listen to your parents especially your father, what he tells you theorically will be relayed practically in no distant time, do not say had I known!

The life of a teenager is a life of ecstasy, fun, merriment, jollification and boastfulness. It would be better for you to kowtow when your elders speak, live a decent life and dress decently, being a “Marlian” will only mar you. Cultism will do you more harm than good, keep away from “gboda gboda” “them no de tell man” one day you will realise how good or bad you have been to yourself, your destiny is in your hands now, choose your life.

Drugs! Drugs!! Drugs!!! Hehehehehe run very far from it, “them no de tell man” if you do drugs, consider yourself a failed man, your rehabilitation might not be guaranteed. Ask your elder brothers about their relationship life and borrow a leaf from what they tell you, I’m sure they will not deceive you. Women can destroy you they can still make you, its within your jurisdiction to choose wisely. Maintain a good relationship with God and ask for his mercy when you fall in sin…

No one advised me, I would have gone farther than this, your parents can only do their best, they will not be free to tell you everything. I am furnishing you with advice so you can have a safe landing into adulthood, you are just less than 2 decades in this world, respect your seniors but don’t let anyone look down on you or intimidate you. Be brave and courageous, life is just one. Do not fear your fellow men but be wise to accord respect to those that truly deserve it. Do not pick role models among all the rich, some made their money through dubious ways, strive hard in honesty and the Lord will bless you at the appointed time.

Lastly, try to be focused and pursue your dreams with all resilience and doggedness, make sure you finish your education and further it if you have the opportunity, education remains the key! Remember, soon you will be responsible for any crime you commit, always obey the law. Learn now how to avoid late nights and you will be safe and preserved, the nights are dark and slippery, anything can happen in the dark.

Oh my dear Teenager! May God continue to strengthen you as you grow! Your adulthood is blessed already if you call this advise to mind always. Silver or Gold I have none but this piece is all I can give, meditate on it and use your head!!!

Ukpala ukpoko gburu nti chiri ya! Onye Mara Asu Ya Suo N’ikwe!!!?




Photo Credit :Bellanaija

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