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Oyakhilome: Pastor of science

                                              Oyakhilome : The Pastor of Science 

  You’ve got to love  this COVID era: everyone you know is trying to get Tik tok famous. Celebrities are doing everything within their grasp to stay relevant.  And Nigeria pastors having been talking, taking cue from Peter Farrelly’s Dumb and Dumber. 

Isn’t it amazing how these people blessed with supernatural powers to heal all kinds of sicknesses and deformities: Cancer, paralysis, HIV, Blindness etc for some reasons  are powerless to a light hearted COVID-19. 

I can’t get in to the right now but let’s forget about my curiosity. 

From one of the authors of 5G and Antichrist,  pastor Chris has hit hard again, and this time we are going with science. 

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made a video in his full glory: black suit, Jerry curl hair and a mic in his left hand. In the video  he says that wearing  a face mask  is somewhat dangerous to our health. In his actual words, “If we go by science, you should not wear masks in public.” I think if we go by science  pastor Chris is a sham. 

I’m not a scientist neither do I work for WHO;  and I’m sure pastor Chris isn’t any of these things too. But I’m not really critical of his opinion because obviously he has been reading a lot of junk. But the level of ego behind that video is immense. He says the idea of face mask is embarrassing to science. That’s an Albert Einstein grade confidence. 

Wonder why Anita left?


Studies have shown that  masks give some protection. The problem is that a mask is not all you need.  You still need to protect your eyes. 

Generally, masks are used to protect you from common viruses, germs, and pollution. Eastern Asian countries ( China, Japan, etc)  wear face masks on a regular basis. 

If you are well and in an close proximity to other people that are unwell it is advisable to take every precaution possible to keep yourself well. During this time people are infectious before they display symptoms, so if you are going to be in close proximity of anybody who has not been isolated from other people, then assume they could be infectious.

The purpose of a mask is to prevent the virus crossing a barrier, but the barrier must be fit for purpose, you must have the correct mask to do the job. If you are in close proximity of people who are known or suspected to have the virus then you need a medical grade mask with the correct filtration to prevent droplets and aerosols getting through. If you are going into an environment where you are probably going to be more than 2 metres away from somebody but may happen to cross paths then you must decide how much of a risk you are willing to take yourself and put the other person at risk.

The Czech Republic are isolating and also wearing masks (including homemade masks) and their death rates appear to be lower than most. It is inevitable that you will come into contact with others, particularly if you are still working outside of your home, and everybody you come into contact with will have been in contact with somebody else, so you are at some risk of catching the virus if you do not put preventative measures in place, and also above all, following good hand hygiene measures and not touching your face, nose, eyes, mouth and ears.

Ideally , shut up isn’t an insult , you are just being asked not to talk.  It is important Pastor Chris, shuts up, let the professionals do their work. 

written by Ekechi Gerard .

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