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Rochas, Chimamanda and all the rest of the media madness


16 again!

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress and self acclaimed 16 year old has revealed on her Insta page that she will be turning  16 again  this October. This kind of reminds me of  that film “17 again” starring  Zac Efron. Maybe she’s just trying to recreate it.

Young Ms Daniels wrote on her instagram page, “Yayyyy 16 knocking on my door 8 days left.”

Who I’m I to doubt a woman’s age?  But if you dare think about it, this young lady has been 16 for the past 3 years now. I guess she is taking  the “age with grace” thing damn too literal.



Good Work?

EFCC  has reportedly  arrested  two men who they claim run an examination malpractice website.

I guess we all forgot  examination malpractice is still a crime in Nigeria. It has become a garden variety.

It was revealed that the two men arrested by the EFCC,  Emeka Ebuoha and Samuel Igwe are part of the internet syndicate responsible for the leakages of exam papers  such WASECE,  NECO, andJAMB.

Quick one,  how did these men leak these examination papers when they are not even part of these bodies.  Italian job!


Get rid of the roaches!

I always knew it was  too early  to take a dig at Rochas and his minions, he still has tricks.  But how on earth did AIT declare  Hope Uzodimma a winner of an election they reported as “didn’t hold” earlier? Pure sorcery.

But Before I forget, good morning Uche Nwosu and please say hello Gulak for me.


Missionary work.

A lot of popcorn worthy news these days.

A  pastor has been reportedly caught pants down in a bush with a married female church member.  They were apparently on a cause of self discovery when they were discovered by passersby, then were manhandled. We have pictures. The pastor is identified as Joseph Ponds of Apostolic Faith Mission, Zimbabwe.

Father look at thy son.  Vengeance is yours!  Missionaries  love missionary styles.


That website

The Sun Newspaper headline:  Ronaldo denies rape allegation.

Well, who wouldn’t? Can you tell us what we don’t know already?


She is a business woman and a presidential aspirant under the National Interest Party(NIP).

Eunice Atueji  isn’t afraid  to spit it. She gave a piece of her mind about a popular  Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.




Atueji said in an in an interview with Daddy Freeze: “I think she is an extremist,  sometimes I do think she is misleading a lot of our girls.  There are sometimes very few times I agree with her,  but most of the time I’m  like ‘oh God’ I hope  our women do not necessarily take home too much of things she says, because some of them turn around and bite them in the bum.”

I actually think she’s spot on.  But wait,  hol’ up…  Is this the Ol’ campaign trick?  She won’t win anyway.  We all know who’s winning.



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