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Thoughts on pan African ideals. -Foxwitz Chamberlain

Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to express because even fools know best how to throw stones at it! And it’s alright. It is alright because not everything must make sense to everyone. And as we’re part of the world where ignorance is hidden behind self aggrandizement and greed, it’s all permissible to assume that our lives are better because we have certain things to brag about as the materials of our superiority. And this is how we perpetuate slave mentality!

Elsewhere in the world, it’s really hard to find people who want to intimidate others with money or the show of it. But that’s no matter compared to the fact that even the people here who want to make a big deal about wealth are so poor mentally! In countries where the rate of commonsense is high, wealth is used to mitigate the Society against humanistic failures. The basic commitment to how wealth works in developed countries is to make sure that institutions in society are elevated to such standards that they’re always updated with the best possible thoughts and concept of functionality. But here, one man is good enough and proud enough to be the only one whose house is where there are overhead lamplights in the night!

Here we have people like Dangote and their constant inspiration to capitalists who just want to keep all business models and techniques and governmental interventions to themselves.

Here we have all the elites who continuously enjoy the privilege of being the ones whose children have access to the best possible education abroad and who turn around to pretend that they care about our crumbling institutions here. From education to healthcare and all sundry aspects of our humanistic concerns.

Now. The fact that there are elites whose concerted effort is to keep selling out our collective dreams to the western factor is not the most scary thing. The hugely scary part is that everyone seems to catch up on that example!

To see what this is really about, you have to first distance yourself from whatever idea anyone has given you that the West solves all the problems in Africa. That’s a bloody lie!

Now let’s take a step by step dissection of the matter!

• Everybody believes going abroad would ultimately solve their problem. But really how?! Granted that a good education abroad would ultimately put you in a good position professionally and it’d give you the opportunity to establish a life abroad and give you the economic power to make remittances back home. When all that is done, what next?! What happens to Nigeria? What happens to the country of your identity? The fact that no Nigerian can truly and completely escape the very fact of his identity as a Nigerian is the reason why perhaps we should stop joining ranks in the defeatist mentality of the Nigerian elites to jettison all that has Nigeria as it’s core concern. Have you ever wondered why all the people who are educated abroad are really lost in translation? Why are all the children of the elites who were educated abroad practically useless in Nigeria? When you think about it, you’d figure out that as far as there’s a proportion of Nigerians who’d keep buying into the sentiment that schooling abroad and living abroad is better than living in Nigeria, nothing would change in Nigeria forever!

• Everyone believes that the world is a global village. And that some angels in America and Europe and Asia care so much about us that they give us billions worth of loan, they give us access to their best healthcare facilities and they give us admissions to come and study in their countries. But am I the only who doesn’t seem to see this as beautiful? Think! If they really care about us want to keep giving us huge loans and access to their healthcare, what is stopping their humanitarian organizations from establishing world class Health centers in Nigeria? I don’t mean to just keep giving imbecilic loans to charity organizations and I’ll equipped health centers where the directors have field days once in a while by sharing WHO loans and all! I mean, why can’t they just build world class health centers here and implement a rigorous program for health facilitation!?

Nope! They won’t do it. If they do it, Nigerians would stop traveling abroad for treatment and that’d stop their business of health tourism! But they don’t mind to keep giving loans to the same corrupt and leaking purses from which the funds would be looted and the cycle of devastating healthcare system still active like a chirpy penis!

Now think about it! From the first time the colonials came, they’ve been enticing us with monkey and banana tricks. They do their best businesses here. Think about all the foreign oil companies that operate in Nigeria. They site their best models of education here along side our almost stupid examples of educational institutions! Should I name all the foreign owned universities in Nigeria? Yet, they make us feel that they’re doing us a favor by using their international organizations to give us imbecilic loans that put us in debt perpetually and they don’t care how those loans are used or if at all the purposes for which the loans were given are justified or not! But It’s always on record that billions of loans are given and more are proposed to be given to the same black nations that are forever and ever underdeveloped in their estimation! Think! Does it not ever occur to you that there’s a scheme to keep Africa impoverished?!

Everybody wants to leave Nigeria because Nigeria is bad! According to world news report. The western media continually refers to the motherland as a cursed place. But how many times have you seen world news report of how chevron and Shell operations impoverish the locations of their businesses?! They take our focus away from their foreign owned businesses operational here but are always quick to talk down on our people and our ways. Yet with good reason because our leaders are stupid and corrupt and the rest of us are sold the idea that the west hold the answers to our fervent wishes as humans to the extent that even the motherland people who are abroad somewhat feel superior and above the ones living at home! But they forget that a slave at home and a slave abroad are both equally slaves! But the slave abroad may not feel the reaches of his or her slavery because they breath the same air as their slave masters and drive in same cars and live in the same neighborhood and their children have accent and can’t relate with the realities of his or her native place! But a slave anywhere is still a slave! Escaping from Nigeria and feeling great about your “safety” abroad is still the manifestation of mental slavery that I’m afraid a lot of us are suffering and would still suffer because there are millions of Nigerians whose dreams are to escape from Nigeria!

But do I blame them? No. Because you can’t really fault a man whose idea of paradise is somewhere else on earth perpetuated by pictures of good roads and beautiful sceneries flooded down to him by imperialist superiority! But do I think that they should have a more intelligent and more deeply perceptive way of rationalizing the necessity of going abroad? Yes! Because no one can tell me that our forefathers were sad all through their lives just because they didn’t leave our native land!

Still. Look at it! Everyone who travels out of Nigeria is trapped. And they become better than Nigeria in their thinking and their ways of life. They become better than Nigeria in their expressions. They become better than Nigeria in their ways of interpreting reality. And that’s how the chain goes on to connect all the children that’d come from them who’d continue from where their parents stopped to stay in those different countries and keep contributing their best human sentiments just at the detriment of the motherland!

Don’t you see this as a loss?

Meanwhile, every prosperous company in the world have their tentacles spread prominently in the third world! And we are still the most stupid continent!

We keep losing the best brains to the world. And we keep celebrating them here like their successes abroad translate to our best lives here! How does the academic excellence of a Nigerian kid abroad translate to the the improvement of our educational system here?! I know it might sound somewhat In bad taste to make this argument. But think about it. How can you be so proud that a young man who was educated in a foreign university is gainfully employed in a reputable company abroad but all the guys you met at the university are unemployed in Nigeria? Why don’t you protest against the poor state of our educational system!?

We run everything by western justification so much that we lose the authenticity of thought here! How can you feel so great that you live abroad but the majority of people on your family tree are languishing in the village?!

And they are. But you are not. You’re so much better because you live abroad and it is your sense of superiority which you display that motivates everyone else to want to get a visa by all means to travel even without a clear course of purpose in mind!

Make no mistake. It’s good to better your Chances in life. And if you’re so convinced that your life is better lived abroad, good. But don’t ever try to make it seem like those in Nigeria are less privileged and wasted! Because it’s still not easy to have to deal with the same reasons why you left to a better place! And my point is, those Nigerians abroad that make the lives of those living in Nigeria miserable by insulting them are part of the problem we have. Because it still shows to a large extent how enslaved in mind you are! In fact, I think living abroad should more than anything make you more sympathetic to those living in abject poverty here! It’s wrong to make them to want to risk everything to leave, just to travel and constitute nuisance wherever they find themselves oversees because they shouldn’t have left in the first place!

I believe that there’s a lot more to living life and making real impression to the world than where you are! As much as I blame the government of the day for all it’s negligences, I still blame how susceptible we as a people are to western allures!

It almost seems as though we don’t have our education enough to the extent that we almost feel the responsibility to point out the worst manifestations of poor thinking around us! Protesting shouldn’t be limited to blaming the government for every damn thing. Being a responsible citizen doesn’t end by chanting EndSars! Responsible citizenship also incorporate telling your fellow citizens the truth about making proper assessment of who they are!

Nigerians don’t care about anything till they travel and they see how human beings live! But the question is, do we blame the government for how stupid people are individually?!

There’s a level of personal commonsense that every citizen should have. And that is the only thing that can begin to help us have a more responsible awareness as citizens!

Question your navigations! Question the things you have prioritized. Pay attention to your impulses and above all, always check what your motivations are. Because when you check yourself and understand your true intentions then you can question your government and question everything else that happens in your environment!

We need more aware people in our generation! The answers we truly seek are not oversees. We need to start looking inward for the answers we seek.

And just one more thing. Covid 19 killed more people abroad than in the third world! They have everything. They know everything but still, it is what it is! When you think about this long enough, you’d get at the truth of my post!

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