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Xbusta’s Friendship EP

On Thursday 5th September I received a private WhatsApp invitation from Xbusta (Golden Okafor) for his his 6 track Friendship EP review party. It was for the next day Friday 5th. “it’s a small party, private one, that’s why I didn’t’ make it public he said”.

Well, I was always going to review the work once it is in the open; I didn’t need an invite, I was honored nevertheless.

First of, I am heavy fan of Rap Music, 90% of my playlist is rap, then the rest is highlife, a white and black state of mind , hardly any middle grounds. But that is not the story.


So when I went to Xbusta and the Playaz EP review party, I went straight to listen to Rap Music. For one, he warned early in his previous hit single CHOM  “If I No Come Your Show, Use 10 rappers replace me” . So since he is equivalent to 10 rappers, imagine listening to his 6 track EP.

Do the maths, that would be pleasing myself to a treat of 60 rappers.( pun intended)

But guy man was pleasantly surprised! The EP was different. Though , it maintained Xbusta’s free flowing, metaphor laced   Style with his trade mark highly pitched voice. But Daddy ehh, a new channel was introduced. A feel good spirit and friendship vibe. An easygoing relatable , groovy tune. It was typified  with the Song “Alert”. A remarkable blend of AfroPop and Rap music where Xbusta blended in seamlessly. Now rap fans have been robbed the sole right to enjoy, everyone can do now.

Check the video XBUSTA x PLAYAZ



After playing, you end up with an assignment , “how much is money?, Goodluck figuring that out.


However, his best effort came in “God forbid ”.( of course this is a personal opinion, you can make your choice ) . It speaks to the soul about something everyone could relate to. And  with so much passion that he sang all through, executed with great delivery.

Other tracks include BO, SOTO, SEE PARTY, OPP.

This Extended playlist (EP) from Xbustaand Playaz features  BracketWaga GApamanolly and Fiokee.

They were all produced by talented Blaqnote save for SOTO by the talented Wisedon.


You are my friend so I offer you Xbusta’s Friendship EP, it is really worth your attention.

But don’t take my word for it, find out yourself.

use the link below


Xbusta & Playaz – Friendship (The EP) + Alert





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